Search by strategy

Search by strategy is powerful platform for easy creation of highly specialized searches on published data (datasets).  It fact it is smart API generator.  Search by strategy is integrated to Open Data Node and it is the only proprietary product in the suite.


Design a search strategy with the help of a strategy design tool. State-of-the-art search components can be combined with a single click, making it possible to design the perfect search solution for your data set. Search strategies can be tested, fine-tuned, benchmarked, altered, stored, shared.

Transform a search strategy into an on-line search engine. Publish the just generated search engine online again with a single click. Deploy the search engine for personal use, internal use, or online on your webpage.

Offer a unique search experience: fast and reliable database-powered engine, search any type of media, any type of content, combine search criteria arbitrarily, explore data using fuzzy facetted search, and much more.



Deeper insight

Spinque (Dutch company) created  Search by Strategy, an iterative 2-stage search process that separates search strategy definition (the how) from the actual searching and browsing of the collection (the what). This concept has evolved from experiences in various search tasks.

Search by Strategy allows information specialists to model, test and refine their search workflows at a high level of abstraction, with the help of a graphical tool. Any intermediate results can be inspected, keeping search transparent and the information specialist in control. Successful search strategies can be kept for future re-use, or deployed as an automatically generated search engine for end users, which runs on a relational database system.

High-level domain-specific search tasks are expressed in terms of modular and customisable building blocks. The magic that yet enables a fully automatic processing of the resulting data flow is found in our specific take on mixing information retrieval theory and databases (with foundations in over two decades of scientific research).Thanks to the visual and intuitive tooling, the full power of our technology can be exploited by domain specialists – who we consider the search experts for their area of knowledge. Thanks to the fully automatic processing of search strategies, hidden from the end user, no specific technological expertise is required to make the most out of your data!

Key features of the Search by Strategy approach

  • Interactively defining and executing search strategies
  • Searching through multiple data sources at once
  • Exploring and refining search results interactively by means of facetted browsing
  • Display metadata by (fuzzy) facets of choice
  • Providing understandable search results which improve your output

The Product

Search by Strategy is the proprietary technology that is used in all related products.
Platform Spinque Core (now RDF-capable) is the implementation of Search by Strategy.   It is the core generic product of the suite.
Spinque Link is a product using Search by Strategy to implement vocabulary alignment.

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