Project “eDemokracia”

Project “eDemokracia” (eDemocracy in English) is national project of Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic financed by OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME INFORMATIZATION OF SOCIETY (OPIS) –  European Regional Development Fund. In this project we’re implementing central national Open Data infrastructure (including data catalogue, data transformation and storage services, etc.) based on Open Data Node.  The project will create also “Supporting application” based on Open Data Node, that will be available for implementation in any public institution to cover its individual needs.  Such architecture will result in distributed network of cooperating Open Date Nodes. Project eDemokracia also creates national Methodology, that is derived from our Methodology for OD publishing

Czech Trade Inspection Authority

The Czech Trade Inspection Authority (CTIA, is an administrative government institution which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. The CTIA monitors and inspects businesses and individuals, who supply goods to, or sell goods on, the Czech market, provide services or similar activities on the domestic market, provide consumer credit, and operate marketplaces.

They use ODN to publish information about results of inspections, sanctions, etc. in various format (XLS, ODS, CSV and RDF), see .

To show-case the data, in collaboration with COMSODE project, they even developed applicationCzech Restaurant Inspections, which utilizes Linked Data published by CTIA and Search by Strategytechnology from Spinque.

Slovak environmental agency (SEA)

SEA wants to publish datasets as Linked Data, get help with transforming data from Oracle/PostGIS to Linked Data (published via SPARQL endpoint) and create visualization app for Linked Data. To achieve that, they started to run their ODN instance, see .

Czech Supreme Audit Office

Prague University of Economics signed contract with Czech Supreme Audit Office ( – in the area of Open Data. They use Comsode methodology and may use also ODN in the futuret. Supreme Audit Office (SAO), an independent institution which audits the management of state property and the performance of the national budget.

Slovak National Library (SNK)

Slovak National Library ( started using ODN in order to initiate publication of information about book in Linked Data. As part of pilot project, they are publishing information about subset of their bibliographic data: books from 18th century, see .