Project highlights

Open Data Node (ODN) is the main result of the FP7 project Comsode.
Characteristics of ODN and Comsode:
  • Comsode builds on results of previous research and development in the open/linked data field – primarily on results of LOD2 project.
  • ODN is an open source software platform that provides user with tools and functions for effective long-term publishing of (linked) open data in automated, repeatable and easy to use fashion.
  • ODN is based on R&D results but it was developed as the real software product intended for instant real implementations.
  • ODN is accompanied with generic Methodology for Open Data publishing covering entire  process of publishing of  (open) data in desired quality. It equips publisher with necessary information for publishing of  “five star data” (linked data) successfully.
  • ODN is highly scalable – from small installation for little town to nationwide platform
  • ODN and Methodology is being used in growing number of implementations  – e.g. Slovak nationwide platform for open data publishing (project eDemokracia)
  • One of the core components of ODN is strong ETL framework UnifiedViews. During the project we significantly improved this framework
  • We emphasize also data quality –  The Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication (DISCo,) at University Milano Bicocca (UNIMIB)  created  specialized DPUs (Data processing units) for this purpose
  • More than 150 datasets (some of them really huge and complicated) will be published until the end of the project (September 2015)
  • Strong consortium with experienced members

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