Project ambassadors

Design of Open Data Node was (and is) strongly influenced by potential users. We understand that we need to cooperate with stakeholders.

User Board is a crucial part of our user engagement strategy, because its members represent all stakeholder groups within the Open Data policy. The User Board has currently 21 members from 10 EU countries, representing local authorities, government bodies, SME companies, as well as NGOs, academia and related EU funded projects (e.g. Smart Open DataGI-N2K).  These are the Project ambassadors.

Collecting opinions from multiple types of institutions is a prerequisite for effective project design of Open Data Node and delivery of usable results.  We speak with  providers of Open Data or potential re-users of Open access information. User Board members share with the  Comsode  partners their experience and views on requirements. They also evaluate the product and many of them run the pilots.

User board meeting