ODN pilots

Currently there still is interesting opportunity to become pilot instance of ODN supported by former members of COMSODE. Is it interesting? Contact us and we will help you with the initial steps.

What is COMSODE pilot?

To make sure Software works as expected and that Methodologies are useful, COMSODE team members will work closely with selected organizations running a pilot installation, collect feedback and find ways to implement it. We want to be sure that software is usable, doing what is required and necessary, that Methodologies are usable and covering all required areas, that we provide enough and understandable information for installation, integration, administration and users,  that Software is easy to install and administer. It is possible that it will be good to add something, that something important is missing. Pilots can give us answers, help us make Methodology and ODN better.

Current pilots

During COMSODE project we were preparing or running pilots in following countries: Slovakia, Czech republic, Kyrgyzstan, Italy, Austria and Netherlands.

Benefits and prerequisites

Benefits and opportunities for your institution as a pilot user

Steps for piloting publication of Open Data in your institution (explained step by step)

  1. Categorize your internal data (this helps you to get better insight into your data and processes)
  2. Decide which data can be published openly
  3. Create a data pipeline with COMSODE user-friendly tools which will publish selected data and its updates automatically (or semi-automatically, if you want) in the future.
  4. Publish as much or as little data as you like. (Not everything in your organization’s data catalogue has to be publicly available. You can extend your services over time and keep the rest of the data only for internal needs).

Some data cannot be made publicly available due to legal reasons (personal data, certain confidential information). However, you can still publish parts of it. Open Data Node can help you to anonymize the data. (For example, instead of the names of persons, publish only their number or instead of exact address, publish only the postcode, and so on). This is flexible and can be decided in accordance with the national legislation. Partial data (when the full dataset cannot be legally made available) is better than no data available. If needed, ODN software can help you by providing transformation/anonymization services when publishing your Open Data. Assistance provided by COMSODE

  1. help with assessment of “as is” state, regarding IT infrastructure and data sources
  2. help with analysis and design of publication process and its implementation: mainly how to deploy and integrate Open Data Node and how exactly to publish data
  3. training for IT staff regarding installation, configuration and maintenance of Open Data Node
  4. training for relevant staff (IT or non-IT, tasked with publishing) regarding Methodology, processes and usage of Open Data Node (mainly so called “pipe line” implementation and maintenance)
  5. help during initial setup of Open Data Node and 1-3 months of support during subsequent production operations

Prerequisites by pilot instance

  • official mandate from director of the particular organization
  • plan of what the organization intends to achieve by publishing its Open Data
    • Minimal plan should answer question such as: What datasets are available? Do you have any plans for subsequent application of data? etc.
  • cooperation during the assessment, analysis, design and implementation of publication processes, mainly by:
    • allocating sufficient time capacity to the particular technical person(s) in charge of relevant information system(s)
    • allocating sufficient time capacity to the particular non-technical person(s) in charge of relevant data or agenda(s)
    • providing access to the relevant technical documentation (preferably digital copies (we can sign NDA if needed) or provide access “on site” at least under supervision of organization’s staff)
  • assign a physical server or Virtual Machine for installation of Open Data Node, along with necessary network connections towards sources of data and Internet (preferably with remote access via SSH for COMSODE staff – again we can sign necessary paperwork if needed)