For partners

We are interested in creating strong partnerships with local companies which may implement Open Data Node, integrate it and support the installation. We cannot do it ourselves.

Open source licensing of ODN together with publicly available Methodology and documentation creates interesting opportunity for partners – especially for SME companies. They may serve local public institutions without major investment in know-how or technology and could be competitive even to the bigger solution and service providers. Local companies knows local context and can be available on site.Institution will have to pay only for infrastructure and consulting and implementation services and training.

Partner may decide to host ODN for more institutions and provide ODN as a service. In that case institution pays only for consulting services implementation of DPUs if necessary and training.SME may host ODN in own premises – in that case investment to infrastructure is necessary (relatively powerful server). Or may host ODN in data centre.

Did you find it interesting ? Just  contact us and we can start discussion about the possible cooperation.