ODN version 1.2.0 released


Open Data Node version 1.2.0 was released on September 28th, 2015.

This is a so-called feature-release, thus it contains following new functionality and improvements:

  • It is now possible to have LDVMi Linked Data visualization tool installed as part of ODN and add visualizations created with it as dataset resources – useful to showcase Linked Data published with ODN.
  • Work-flow in multi-user environments was improved: ODN now works better when multiple organizations are sharing same ODN instance.
  • Improved export and import of pipelines allows users to prepare pipelines in dedicated test instances or to share them with other ODN users.
  • GUI templates were improved and now also support easier customization, for example by allowing ODN user to change the so-called site logo displayed in public catalogue, etc.
  • Scalability has been improved for cluster deployments thanks to ability to run ETL pipelines on more than just one server.

Big part of that happened thanks to updated components: UnifiedViews 2.2.0, CKAN 2.3.2 and midPoint 3.2 – bringing in their set of improvements and bug-fixes.

Release also contains corrections for bugs identified in previous versions. For more in-depth technical summary about this release please take a look at release notes: https://github.com/OpenDataNode/open-data-node/releases/tag/ODN_v1.2.0 .

This is the last version of Open Data Node produced by COMSODE project. Further new releases will by supplied by EEA company in continued cooperation with other partners from COMSODE and UnifedViews projects and Open Source community. Future road-map along with information about previous releases is available in ODN Wiki at https://utopia.sk/wiki/display/ODN/Roadmap+and+releases .